8 Common Myths about IUI Treatment in Hyderabad

IUI treatment in Hyderabad is an option for infertile couples and can cost less and is also quite effective in leading to pregnancy. Several people are not fully aware of its efficacy.

Society has a negative approach towards infertility discussion as it is considered to be taboo. There are several myths related to infertility. Infertility myths are usually common among people who happen to be uneducated and lack basic medical facilities. People need to know IUI treatment in Hyderabad is worth trying to resolve infertility issues.

Myths Related To Infertility and IUI Process

  • Successful IUI Process Always Results In Multiple Pregnancies

Although it is common for the IUI process to result in multiple pregnancies it is not always the case. Multiple pregnancies happen to be in medicated IUIs as trigger shots are given to induce ovulation. This permits the maturation of more than one egg at a time resulting in the fertilization of multiple eggs and finally twins, triplets, or quadruples.

  • Using Fertility Lubricants Is Enough For A Successful Pregnancy

This is one of the most popular myths that are related to infertility. Making use of fertility lubricants surely does enhance the chances of success of infertility treatments but are not an alternative to infertility treatments. There are success stories of people conceiving after the use of lubricants. If already have a successful pregnancy, no need to worry about the next pregnancy

  • Lack of Pregnancy Is Because Of Female Infertility

Infertility is indeed a problem but calling it a problem as factors related to female-only is not correct. Heterosexual couples faced with infertility contributed by both male cum female partner.

Same-sex couples tend to have fertility problems because of biological factors. They can never conceive naturally. For example, a lesbian couple will need a single or multiple IUI processes to achieve a successful pregnancy. Others will need surrogate IVF to experience parenthood.

  • Young Men And Women Can’t Be Infertile

Fertility indeed does decrease with age in both males and females. But it happens to be a common misconception that young females as well as males, who are in the age group of the 20s and the early 30s will not be subjected to infertility. But the reality is infertility is not a factor of age only. If a couple is rather unable to conceive for more than 12 months of unprotected intercourse then a doctor needs to be consulted. Several health conditions do lead to infertility in both males as well as females.

  • A Man’s Fertility Is Intact If He Can Ejaculate

It is a common belief that if a man can ejaculate normally then he cannot have any fertility issues. Male fertility is not only related to ejaculation but to the quality and quantity of sperm, their shape, size, movement, the proper functioning of the sex organs, and many other factors also.

  • Cough Medicines Have the Potential to Get Pregnant

It is a belief that cough syrup can improve infertility. The view is that it can improve the quality of cervical mucus secretion and fertility.

The only problem is it happens to be only a myth. There is no evidence that cough syrup does improve one’s cervical mucus sufficiently to make it easier to get pregnant.

8 Common Myths about IUI Treatment in Hyderabad

  • Difficult to overcome infertility without IVF

IUI process, IVF, test-tube baby, as well as other infertility treatments are indeed required to improve the chances of pregnancy but are never really guaranteed to always result in successful pregnancies. IVF is not the only option for infertile couples as several couples believe. IUI treatment in Hyderabad is suggested by the majority of infertility experts before opting for IVF if the conditions are favorable. The IUI process is considered to be cheaper, less painful, less time-consuming, and less- medicated as compared to IVF.

  • Herbs And Supplements Are Harmless, Ways To Increase Fertility

Special herbs, natural remedies, or supplements enhance one’s fertility. Any truth in it? Few supplements can increase fertility, but not be able to cure the real fertility problem.


Thus, there are several myths about fertility.

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