IVF and IUI Injection Tips

Test tube babies are very popular these days and also one needs to prepare for taking IVF or IUI injections. They need to be administered carefully and can cause discomfort.

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Here are a few tips :

Ice One can hold a bit of ice on the impact zone before Injecting as it tends to numb the area to make it far more pain-free. One minute of icing and it does provide much relief. It is better to consult the doctor.

IVF and IUI Injection Tips

Have something that comforts one nearby

One can try out a relaxation technique and avoid a breath countdown from 20. One can count one’s in and out breaths and focus all of one’s attention on the breath going in and out of the nose. 

Also, it is important to know how to get through the many injections of fertility medication required during the ovarian stimulation phase. 

In case a person is afraid of injections, multiple shots a day for weeks can indeed be a grueling schedule for anyone. Knowing what to expect and how to make the whole experience a little easier can rather really help.

More about IVF Injections : 

Subcutaneous injections :

This type of shot does involve giving oneself medication with a very small needle inserted under the skin. 

Intramuscular injections :

An intramuscular injection does deliver fertility medication directly into a muscle, making use of a somewhat longer needle.

Try to relax :

This is obviously easier said than done, but if you tense up your muscles in anticipation of the shot, you can actually make it hurt more. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises right before the injection can make a big difference. Try breathing in deeply right before the injection and breathing out slowly as you depress the plunger. Test tube baby centers in Hyderabad are quite helpful on this front.

Consider heat :

For intramuscular injections, applying a heating pad to the injection site for about 10 minutes can sometimes relax the muscle and make the injection easier.

Try ice :

Many women say that icing the area right before injecting can help numb the skin. You can use an ice cube or keep a coin in the freezer to use as a dry mini ice-pack to numb just the injection site.

Go numb :

Anbesol is an over-the-counter gel intended to numb sore gums. 

Use pressure :

One can try pressing on the skin of the injection site with one’s thumb strongly for about 60 seconds before the shot.

Experiment with injection sites :

One can take the shot either on one’s stomach or one’s thigh is more comfortable for subcutaneous injections, or that one side or the other is more comfortable for intramuscular injections. 

Change positions :

For intramuscular injections, your body position can affect how the needle feels as it goes in. Bending over support such as a bed or counter with your weight on the opposite leg from the injection site can be more comfortable for some people. If a partner is giving you the shot, sometimes lying face down is a good way to relax the muscles during the injection.

Try different needles :

Generally, finer gauge needles are the most comfortable. Remember that the higher the number, the smaller the needle. Small needles such as 25 to 27 gauge are usually ideal. If the needles are this small and one still feels some pain, switching to a different brand might help: a different tip may be more comfortable.

Be quick and direct :

One confident motion for injection is better than slow or twisting motions.

Reward yourself :

It is better to look forward to as soon as one’s injection is over. One can have a slice of delicious cake, an episode or three of your favorite TV binge…whatever makes a person feel happy. 

Test tube baby centers in Hyderabad provide much useful information about IVF and IUI injections.

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