Know about love and intimacy during infertility

Intimacy in a relationship is essential to deal with infertility and test tube baby specialists in Vijayawada can handle it well. Also, test-tube baby treatment in Vijayawada is excellent.

Infertility and the accompanying decision-making about treatment is indeed a stressful process, and can also cause a person to question several things, including one’s sense of self, values, and relationships with others. No doubt there is the option of test-tube baby specialists in Vijayawada who can expertly deal with this health issue.

The problem of infertility varies from couple to couple. Couples need to be emotionally balanced as it would decrease the feelings of isolation that are often linked to infertility. 

While infertility can cause much stress, it also provides an opportunity to build better communication links as well as closeness in a relationship that might otherwise not be given much importance. Test tube baby treatment in Vijayawada can be tried out to resolve an infertility health issue.

More about intimacy and infertility

The question is how does a person work on intimacy when a person is experiencing the isolation infertility that has been created? It does take a conscious effort and thoughtful process, but there is indeed much hope for couples to try achieving intimacy during infertility.

The creation of a family does require a certain amount of closeness between two partners. However, while experiencing infertility, the process of conceiving a child can suddenly become more mechanical than intimate, more intrusive than romantic. The issue of procreation becomes mechanical and sex for achieving it a chore. There is no fun in intimacy. 

Know about love and intimacy during infertility


Intimacy means a feeling of closeness, togetherness, and an emotional connection. Often it is associated with sex. Intimacy is expressed in different ways. Many women identify it with love, affection, and feelings around ‘intimate’ moments, whereas men tend to focus on physical closeness as well as sex. It is often built around the open discussion.

Intimacy is expressed via words or actions and involves love, appreciation, and communication between partners. 

Infertility can drain a person physically and emotionally and therefore intimacy in a relationship is essential.

How to be intimate?

1. Receiving gifts

Love can be expressed through gift-giving. Buying flowers for one’s partner or tickets for something the partner would enjoy are gestures of love. This promotes intimacy which is required to overcome infertility.

2. Acts of service

This love is expressed via actions. The question that arises in one’s mind is what action might help the partner? Cleaning up the kitchen without really being asked? Running an errand for one’s partner? Drawing one’s partner a bubble bath?

3. Physical Touch

Physical touch also encourages intimacy. Try giving a hug or even a gentle kiss. These physical moments provide much pleasure apart from trying to set up a family. Being sexually intimate is not just related to intercourse, but it also involves being close to one’s partner physically by indulging in other physical actions such as touching or caressing. 

4. Infertility being highly stressful and demanding

It is possible the couples may show much disinterest in love-making or not enjoy it. The couples have to find ways and means to get pleasure in lovemaking and not just indulge in sex for procreation. It is important they get connected emotionally and thus get into the physical aspect of the relationship.

Test tube baby specialists in Vijayawada are well versed in counseling couples about intimacy to deal with infertility. 

It is but obvious that infertility can be dealt with by promoting intimacy in a relationship. Couples need to get closer to each other and not just indulge in sex for the sake of producing a child.

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