Know Do’s Don’t s after IUI procedure to achieve Pregnancy

IUI treatment requires certain guidelines to be followed. The test tube baby center in Secunderabad has adequate facilities and proper infrastructure for IUI.

At times in the case, a male partner is not able to fertilize the egg on account of low sperm count and decreased motility, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment is performed. As far as this treatment is concerned, the sperm of the male partner is artificially put inside the woman’s uterus at the time of ovulation to assist in fertilization. The sperm is directly injected into the fallopian tubes with the help of devices to increase the chances of fertilization. This does entail several, tests and trials before the woman can get pregnant. test tube baby center in Secunderabad does provide the necessary treatment for IUI.

When undergoing IUI treatment, the couple does need to visit the doctor every month for regular procedures. The success rate does depend on the age of the female, the use of drugs and also the reason for infertility. IUI is much simpler, less expensive and has a lower success rate as compared to IVF, but with correct precautionary measures, the success rate can rather be increased up to 40%. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), it does have a much higher rate of success and it is performed when IUI cycles have failed several times. In certain cases of infertility, a surrogacy procedure is carried out which does involve an agreement where a surrogate does carry a child for a couple. People go for surrogacy when all the other options tend to fail. The test tube baby center in Secunderabad provides the required facilities for IUI.

Know Do's Don't s after IUI procedure to achieve Pregnancy

After Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), the respective woman must take the recommended diet and other precautionary measures to maximize the chances of falling pregnant. 

1. Take Rest :

After sperms get deposited in the uterus, the patient is then made to rest for several minutes. Even after her discharge from the clinic, initially one needs to take complete rest for a few days, to avoid discomfort. It is better to restrict traveling or doing any household work. If one feels any kind of discomfort or anxiety, it is necessary to immediately take rest. 

2. Eat Healthy Diet :

The doctors will recommend a person to take a healthy as well as a balanced diet after the IUI treatment is complete, as one needs to stay fit as well as healthy to encourage fertilization. This will indeed meet the necessary nutrition requirements for IUI success. One needs to also eat food, which happens to be rich in Vitamin D as it does improve the chances of getting pregnant. The test tube baby center in Secunderabad does provide adequate information about the diet for IUI.

3. Stay Positive :

One needs to stay positive and patient at all times as anxiety and stress can cause the IUI treatment to fail. One needs to remain mentally fit as some internal functions as well as the release of hormones does depend upon one’s mental health. Being actively involved in some productive work may also help in avoiding negative thoughts. 

4. Do Light Exercise :

One can start doing light exercises after some days of insemination as it does improve the blood flow to one’s uterus and other reproductive organs. Stretching as well as doing yoga is indeed recommended after taking a few days of rest. The test tube baby center in Secunderabad is well equipped for providing information about IUI. 

5. Visit the Doctor :

The doctor may need to examine one’s hormone levels and the possibility of getting pregnant so that they can assist in providing hormonal support as well as improve the IUI success rate. The best thing to do is to visit one’s doctor after a week of insemination. One will be guided on how to confirm pregnancy after IUI. 

6. Take Prescribed Medicines :

The doctor may prescribe some medicines to increase the chances of fertilization. It could be oral or sometimes it could be a medicine that does need to be inserted through one’s vagina. It is important to follow the instructions of the doctor and also take the medication accordingly.


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