Life with a Test Tube Baby

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The first test-tube baby happened to be born in the year 1978 and was named Louise Brown. This year she celebrated her 40th birthday and is doing great in her life. She is no doubt a healthy, normal, and intelligent woman. However, after the first IVF delivery, some scientists did raise issues regarding the health of the children conceived via IVF. The best test tube baby center in India is the place to be visited to deliver a healthy baby via IVF.

The first “Test-tube baby” baby was indeed born with the help of reproductive technology; in fact, several million babies have been born to date. Most of these are, of course, healthy babies.

A test-tube baby happens to be a baby that has been conceived by a thriving human reproduction but outside a woman’s body. The baby is rather conceived in the laboratory via a scientific process known as In-Vitro fertilization (IVF). Test tube baby happens to be a non-medical expression made use of for babies that are reproduced making use of artificial reproduction technique. The embryo is rather formed in a glass tube than in a woman’s fallopian tube; that is why it is known as a test-tube baby. But in reality, the eggs, as well as the sperm, are of course fertilized in a petri dish and not in a glass tube.

If expecting your first child then it is indeed a wonderful time for parents that too via IVF if otherwise childless in one’s life. In case of intention to expand one’s family via IVF, there may be some additional questions to be answered at the clinic.

A ‘test tube baby’ refers to babies conceived outside the woman’s womb. As mentioned earlier this happens with the help of a scientific process referred to as In vitro fertilization or IVF. During IVF, the woman’s eggs are rather extracted from the ovaries and happened to be fertilized with the sperm in a laboratory. After the fertilized egg develops, within 2-7 days it is transferred back into the womb, where the baby tends to develop naturally.

Life with a Test Tube Baby

At present, test-tube babies are a boon for women who are suffering from infertility issues. The best test tube baby center can be the place for relief from infertility health issues.

Robert Edwards, a scientist as well as Patrick Steptoe, a gynecologist, came together to make test-tube babies a possibility. In 2010, Robert Edwards also did win the Nobel Prize Award in Physiology or Medicine for the development of IVF treatment.

There are problems involved no doubt such as low birth weight, premature, birth as well as birth defects.

Parents who go in for an IVF baby are concerned whether the test tube babies are happened to be vulnerable to cognitive or development issues as compared to the babies born naturally. Scientists do state that when a woman does give birth to twins or triplets via IVF, there is certainly much risk of the babies developing some sort of intellectual disabilities. However, with singleton births, there is certainly nothing to worry about.

It has been observed that test-tube babies do tend to be underweight and this observation is based on a few studies. There are high chances of multiple births among a few women during the ART procedure. Multiple births can at times pose a risk for the mother as well as for the baby. Few babies born via IVF techniques might have congenital birth defects.

The best test tube baby center can handle complicated cases.

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