Most Common Causes of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss can be very distressful. It is important to identify the causes and seek treatment. It is better to visit test tube baby hospital in Secunderabad.

It can indeed be heartbreaking to lose a pregnancy. At the same time, it is even more devastating to experience recurrent pregnancy losses. One gets hope of having a baby, only to be badly disappointed due to another loss. One can visit test tube baby hospital in Hyderabad.  It is important to find the root cause of recurrent pregnancy loss. Efforts do need to be made to find a solution. Recurrent pregnancy losses are those that do occur before 20 weeks of pregnancy and also have occurred three or more times. It is indeed necessary to have a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor to help one through this process.

Genetic factors

Genetic factors do happen to be the top reasons for recurrent pregnancy loss. These can include one or more abnormal chromosomes in the fetus. The abnormal chromosomes can, in fact, come from the mother, father, or both. 

Most Common Causes of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss


Unfortunately, some chromosome abnormalities are more likely to occur as a person gets older. Egg quality, in particular, tends to decline women tend to get older, making abnormal chromosomes more likely to affect the pregnancy.

Uterine abnormalities

Some women have a uterus that is not all that well-suited for carrying pregnancies to term. These may include a divided, or septate, uterus. A septate uterus does not actually get adequate blood flow, which is necessary to nourish a developing baby.

Uterine adhesions, such as with endometriosis or Asherman’s syndrome, can also make it difficult for a developing pregnancy to be able to continue. Like a septate uterus, uterine adhesions can limit adequate blood flow enough to support a pregnancy. Test tube baby hospital in Secunderabad has all the required infrastructure to deal with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Endocrine issues

Other health conditions can also cause recurrent pregnancy loss. Among the most common endocrine issues that may indeed cause recurrent pregnancy loss include the following:

  •    Untreated hypothyroidism
  •    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  •    Diabetes
  •    Luteal phase defect (when one’s body does not produce enough progesterone to thicken the lining of one’s uterus)

Many of these endocrine issues can be treated with medication. However, it is not certain that treatment will rather resolve recurrent pregnancy losses.

Blood disorders

Certain types of blood disorders in the mother can indeed be related to recurrent pregnancy loss. Clotting disorders can rather make one’s body unable to carry a pregnancy to full term.

Most cases of clotting disorders that can contribute to recurrent pregnancy losses are referred to as an anti-phospholipid syndrome. In this autoimmune syndrome, the body makes antibodies to the pregnancy, treating it as though it happens to be a foreign invader.

It is important to consult one’s doctor if one is experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss. It is important to identify the proper cause for it.

If this is done so then couples can achieve a healthy, full-term pregnancy. The possibilities can be explored include genetic counseling, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of the embryo, and in vitro fertilization. Many of these medical conditions contributing to pregnancy loss can be successfully treated with medications as well. Tube baby hospital in Hyderabad will do the needful as far as treating recurrent pregnancy loss is concerned.

One can hope for the best treatment hope if one has been suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss and want to find the cause. It is advisable to visit test tube baby hospital in Secunderabad. 

What is the outlook for future pregnancies?                     

This also rather depends on the results of the tests one has had. If no cause has been found, the chances of having a normal pregnancy are indeed very good. The one gets the chances of more miscarriages. 

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