Test Tube Baby Process

Test Tube baby process helps childless couples to become parents and it is affordable as well in India. Infertility problems can be tackled via IVF.

What is a Test Tube Baby?

Childless couples can hope to be parents as specialized treatment is available in the form of IVF or test tube baby. Couples need not worry about the treatment as specialists do handle the treatment procedure with much expertise. The test tube baby process is well streamlined and the couple can undergo it comfortably.

Test Tube Baby Process

In present times, technology has developed so well that it is possible to find an answer to every query. Technicians find it convenient to trace the reality of several mysterious subjects such as the sun moon. One has been able to build an atom bomb and also travel to the solar system. From the technology point of view, much has been on in terms of innovations. People’s desires are being met successfully. Now a childless couple can be a parent and thus enjoy the bliss of parenthood. The test tube baby method is available to deal with infertility. One can have a child via In Verto Fertilization (IVF) or Test Tube Baby. Test tube baby processes can be managed well by experts. This is why the test tube baby process is useful.

Why opt for IVF?

As far as IVF is concerned, the egg and sperms from the couple are allowed to fuse in a glass dish (In Vitro) and hence the word In Vitro Fertilization. The sperms are no doubt layered over the eggs retrieved from the woman and the process of fertilization does occur naturally under optimal conditions inside an incubator. This process is simple terms is referred to as the test tube baby. This procedure is cost-effective in India. Yet, in case the patient requires advanced technological assistance in the treatment, the cost might go much higher. However, the affected couple can opt for test tube treatment in India. This is what test tube baby process is all about.

IVF is becoming an option wherein a couple is faced with no qualitative or quantitative defect in sperms and the wife is having one or more of the following medical conditions:

Indications for IVF or Test tube baby

1. Multiple failed IUIs
2. Blocked Fallopian tubes
3. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in the past
4. Endometriosis (mild)
5. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

What is IVF treatment all about?

1. Controlled ovarian stimulation with hormones for the development of multiple eggs
2. Culture till embryo stage in an incubator in the IVF Laboratory
3. Ovum Pickup (egg collection) under short anesthesia
4. The layering of the eggs by washed sperms in a petri dish for natural fertilization
5. Transfer of 2-3 best quality embryos inside the uterus (womb)
6. Detection of pregnancy 14 days after embryo transfer


Morpheus IVF can be much useful for a variety of infertility treatments in India and that too at a reasonable cost. With the help of IVF treatment, one can help out couples in India to give birth via a test tube. It is a joyous occasion to have a baby of one’s own and IVF does resolve the issue well.

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