The Importance of Fertility Screening

Infertility is a bothersome issue for couples and they can go in for fertility screening. Test Tube baby specialists are well versed in dealing with infertility issues.

Low fertility rates have been a problem in countries as couples are indeed delaying pregnancy due to the high cost of living. Several couples would indeed prioritize as well as concentrate on their career so that they can do have sufficient funds prior to considering starting a family. Test tube baby specialists in Vijayawada do focus on infertility issues.

When to get Fertility Screening done?

The misconception about the definition of the term “infertility,” which does refer to the failure to achieve a successful pregnancy within one year of trying. This definition has led many couples to delay seeking fertility screening for one year or more, in the hope that they will conceive naturally.

Even though the definition of infertility does remain the same, fertility specialists are now encouraging couples who are planning to have children in the future to opt for a fertility screening early. Test tube baby treatment in Vijayawada is worth trying out.

Early fertility screening does permit for the prompt diagnosis of existing conditions that will indeed affect a woman or a man’s fertility so that they can rather be treated immediately prior to attempting conception naturally via sexual intercourse.

Who Should Go for an Early Fertility Screening?

Women planning to have a child need to undergo an early fertility screening. There are specific conditions that would necessitate early fertility assessment:

  • Women who prefer to start a family at age 35 or older
  • Women who have suffered from abnormal, irregular and/or painful menses
  • Men or women who suffer from abnormalities in their reproductive systems
  • History of the previous abdominal, pelvic or even genital surgeries
  • History of infectious diseases that may, in fact, have affected their reproductive systems
  • Couples who are rather unable to achieve penetrative intercourse
  • Cancer survivors

What is Fertility Screening all about?

Fertility screening is similar to a doctor’s appointment, except that it will be more focused on one’s intimate aspects of a couple’s health as well as relationship. The assessment does begin by obtaining a detailed medical as well as the sexual history of both the man and the woman. 

Men are asked :

  • If they have difficulty in achieving and/or maintaining an erection
  • If they have a history of prostate or genital surgery
  • If they have suffered from infectious diseases that may have affected their reproductive organs
  • If they are suffering from chronic health problems (eg. Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, etc.)

For the women :

  • If their menstrual cycles are regular or irregular or have suffered from painful menses
  • If they have a history of abdominal or pelvic surgery
  • If they have suffered from infectious diseases that may indeed have affected the reproductive organs
  • If they have a history of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • If they have a history of prior conception and/or miscarriages

After the history taking, the fertility specialist will carry out a thorough physical examination for the couple, including body mass index as well as body & visceral fat analysis. Then the couple has to undergo a detailed set of tests to understand their health.

The Importance of Fertility Screening

For the wife, blood tests will be done to check for any hormonal problems and understand the health status of the wife. Prior to a blood test, the fertility specialist will indeed arrange the wife to go through a diagnostic imaging test – such as an ultrasound pelvis – in order to check on any abnormalities within her reproductive tract.

For the man, a semen analysis is conducted to assess the semen quantitatively such as sperm concentration as well as qualitatively such as morphology, motility, and vitality.

Based on the report the fertility specialist will review and advise on lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight. 

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