Top 5 Fertility Lessons From People Who Have Been There!

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To be a mother is not an easy task. A majority of couples do find it difficult to conceive. It is therefore necessary to lessen the stigma of infertility. Also, prospective parents need to be helped to get treated. Test tube baby centre in hyderabad can be visited for ascertaining complete information about infertility issues.

Birth Control Pills Do Harm Fertility

Birth control pills can cover infertility and couples think they are fertile on account of hormonally induce regular menstrual cycles. Birth control pills harm fertility. There is no need for a birth control pill washout. There are several non-contraceptive benefits of birth control pills too.

Previous Paternity Does Not Guarantee Current Fertility

Often a partner feels he or she may not have problems particularly the man. In case, he has fathered a child in a previous marriage. When examined by a specialist often the man may end up having low sperm, fertility count.

Infertility can involve both partners. Test tube baby clinics can clear such issues on account of well-set-up infrastructure.

An embryo consists of an egg and a sperm cell together, so it is important to study egg and sperm health. Infertility does not affect women only but men as well. The latter often refuse to accept that they may be suffering from infertility and tend to blame the woman.

First pregnancy if easy does not imply the second baby would be easy too.

Often it is easy to get pregnant while delivering the first child. Nevertheless, trying to conceive for the second baby may turn out to be difficult.

After all, egg and sperm health can indeed both decline with age. By availing of fertility treatment, it is possible to conceive and thus expect a second baby in a few months.

Many women often mention that they got pregnant on their honeymoon. They feel that since they got pregnant the first time was easy, they need to wait for another three to four years and can get pregnant for a second time as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is not all that easy at times the second pregnancy. It is better for the woman to get her fertility levels checked and for men to get their sperm levels checked.

Egg Freezing Is Insurance

Of ten women freeze their egg and wait for the right life partner. They are in no hurry to be mothers and plan their motherhood according to their convenience and lifestyle. Several women professionals are also not in hurry to marry and prefer to freeze their eggs for a later pregnancy.

Top 5 Fertility Lessons From People Who Have Been There!

Egg freezing is helped a busy woman to get pregnant at the time she chooses so. While of course, each particular egg can turn into a viable pregnancy in the future, there is so much more to a healthy pregnancy, such as sperm health, the health of one’s uterus, and the ability of an embryo to implant. If a person freezes the eggs at an early age, it provides for a higher chance of pregnancy, but yet it can be called only a chance as there is no 100% guarantee.


Deciding to have a baby is no doubt an important and exciting event of one’s lifetime. Women love being mothers and men’s fathers. There is no need to lose hope in case a couple is not able to conceive naturally. In case a couple is unable to conceive, it is a good idea to seek the help of the best fertility specialists. There are several fertility treatments to choose from and a trained embryologist can do the needful. Thus, experts will ensure that childless couples can fulfill their dream of having a baby.

Couples can clear their doubts about infertility at test tube baby centers.

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