Top 6 FAQS while preparing for one’s IVF Treatment

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Nowadays, childless couples have much hope of having children as there is availability of one of the greatest technological advancements in childbirth is ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology. In fact, this can be done at a test tube baby centre in Hyderabad.

There are several ART procedures such as IUI, ICSI, etc. yet IVF ( In-Vitro Fertilization) has turned out to be a very popular method due to its success rates. One can make use of their sperm or eggs or any sort of donor sperm or eggs. Several couples have indeed been blessed with a bundle of joy on account of IVF. The procedure is rather expensive and at times does entail multiple sessions. It is good to have prior information about the procedure before starting it.

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1. Why should we undergo IVF?

If a doctor does recommend an IVF, it is good to enquire about the reason for it as there are several reasons for its use:

  • Sperm count does happen to be low
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Several failed attempts at natural conception.
  • Fallopian tube blockage
  • Endometriosis
  • Advanced age

Knowing the reason for IVF will indeed help a person to understand why a person is unable to go for other less expensive options such as IUI.

Top 6 FAQS while preparing for one’s IVF Treatment

2. What tests are done before starting IVF treatment?

The tests are rather carried out to evaluate one’s general health. The most common tests done are blood sugar level, blood group, sexually transmitted infections as well as liver damage, among others. For the female partner, a series of tests are ruled out is PCOS, ovulation status, as well as an ovarian reserve are done. In men, semen analysis is done before starting IVF treatment.

3. What is the type IVF most suited for me?

There are two types of IVF- A short-cycle and a long-cycle. Any IVF does start with ovarian stimulation, where special medications are rather given to women as more eggs are released. In a short-cycle IVF, the ovarian stimulation period turns out to be shorter, and fewer eggs are rather produced. In a long cycle, medications are of course taken for a long time, and more eggs are produced.

4. What is the success rate of one’s facility in terms of live births and pregnancy rates?

Based on the tests conducted before starting one’s treatment, the IVF specialist needs to be able to provide a general sense of whether the treatment is likely to work. The success of course depends on disease history, fertility rate, blood tests, weight as well as overall health.

5. Should I use Fresh Embryos or Frozen Embryos?

If it is the first IVF, fresh embryos must be made. After successful fertilization in one’s lab, if there are several embryos, then most couples do choose to freeze their embryos. These frozen embryos can be made use of for the next cycles. No doubt, it has been observed in several cases that frozen embryos do yield better results. As of now, most couples are rather opting for embryo freezing as well as transferring the embryo in the later cycles.

6. What can be done improve the success rate of IVF? 

The doctor will indeed be more specific recommendations that happen to be on one’s medical history. Few things can be done to increase one’s chances.

These lifestyle modifications can be carried out at least about two months before starting IVF:-

  • Low-intensity exercise.
  • Balanced nutritious diet.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight BMI for one’s age as well as height.
  • When a person consumes too much alcohol as well as tobacco, reproductive health is badly affected. It is better to stay with them. Stress level also needs to be kept under control. If the stress levels are high, it does release high cortisol (stress hormone) levels. These stress hormones do make it difficult to conceive.

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