What to Do After the Embryo Transfer: Precautions and More

Couples prefer to visit test tube baby centers in Hyderabad for embryo transfer and bearing a child. The test tube center is no doubt well equipped for such pregnancy procedures.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) does involve a series of steps with medical cum surgical procedures. Although the process can differ from couple to couple, it all final implies embryo transfer. A visit to the test tube baby center helps to understand the process better

After the embryo transfer takes place, the couple is required to wait for 10-12 days to check the results for pregnancy. Yet, certain instructions, as well as precautions, need to be followed. Test tube baby center can be visited to ascertain all facts about embryo transfer.

Some precautions:

  • No sexual intercourse for the next 12 days after the embryo transfer, until pregnancy is confirmed.
  • Avoidance of public pools, saunas, and places where a person can get exposed to chemicals and bacteria until it happens to be a healthy progressing pregnancy that has been established.
  • Quit smoking, drugs as well as alcohol during the IVF procedure and also after embryo transfer. After the embryo is transferred, the chemicals from drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol can have very detrimental effects on the fetus’s development.
  • Avoid strenuous activities or even high-impact exercises until after clinical confirmation of pregnancy. Light aerobic exercises and walking are allowed but it is important to avoid heavy lifting (more than 10 pounds) during the pregnancy.
  • Discuss the medicines to be taken and also try to minimize them, other than the prescribed ones. In case any medication needs to be taken after embryo for a particular health condition then the doctor will recommend it after pregnancy.
  • Avoid caffeine or coffee beverages for the duration of the pregnancy. It is okay to have decaffeinated coffee. Caution needs to be applied while consuming tea as well as it also contains caffeine. Herbal tea can be made use of.
  • It is also advisable to avoid frizzy drinks for about 12 days or until the pregnancy gets confirmed. Avoid grassy foods as they upset the stomach.

Couples make it appoint to seek advice at test tube baby centers in Hyderabad to have a child at home if they happen to be childless.

What to Do After the Embryo Transfer: Precautions and More

Post-transfer instructions:

Post instructions may vary from clinic to clinic and depends upon the patient’s needs.

  • Pamper the body- Implantation occurs on the same day or the day after the embryo transfer and therefore it is better to relax as well as pamper one’s body in the coming days.
  • Embryo transfer is performed in a clinic or hospital and usually, women go home on the same day. They can relax and rest the time ahead.
  • Several women take the day or days off after the transfer, although it is not required to do so. They can work from home or take a day off. It is advisable to stay away from restricted activities.

Waiting period

The waiting period for the result of a pregnancy test can be tiresome, especially after much effort in embryo transfer.


Embryo transfer happens to be the last step as far as IF procedure is concerned. The result means much happiness if the procedure is successful. The waiting period for the result of the embryo transfer may cause agonizing moments, but the pleasure that a woman gets on being pregnant is manifold.

Test tube baby center provides adequate infrastructure for embryo transfer and couples can be assured of proper treatment. Test tube baby centers in Hyderabad do the needful.

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